If you would like to become part of the TEDxUWE team we are now looking for the next TEDx leaders. 


The success of TEDx UWE relies on the talented, committed and creative individuals who are part of the team behind the scenes. We are looking for student volunteers (undergraduate or postgraduate) from the University of the West of England to become part of such an important and special project. General attributes we are looking for include great commitment to the project, passionate about TED talks and hard working. If you are looking for an opportunity to demonstrate your skill set in a TEDx project, to be involved in a role with responsibility and gain experience working as part of the very first TEDx project at the University of the West of England.

Please find below brief role descriptions and responsibilities, these tasks and responsibilities may overlap throughout the project

Key Roles (responsibilities not limited to)
Organiser - Project coordination, Attending and arranging meetings with teams and external staff, Project planning, Building relations with stakeholders, team and students, TEDx license holder
Co-organiser - Event planning, Assisting organiser, Speaker liasion, Provide support for the society and increasing memeberships
Marketing and PR (Communications) - Social media campaign, Email campaigns, Design briefs for promotion and production, Promotion campaigns, Ticket sales.
Partnerships and sponsorships (Finance) - Budget management, Liase with new partners and sponsors, Create new partnership opportunities, Funding sources.
Production and media (Operations) - Equipment planning, venue planning, liase with suppliers and media crew, stage design.

We encourage you to join TEDxUWE, where you will be able to keep up to date with membership and volunteering opportunities. Further details can be found at www.thestudentunion.co.uk or www.facebook.com/tedxuwe